Explore Guanaja’s Cuisine

The best part of all is how fresh is the food you eat in Guajana. Everyday fishermen bring the catch of the day and a great variety of fishes, shrimp, lobster, calamari’s and more! And right beside the house you have the best view of the Island and a delicious and welcome restaurant driven by chef Lisa and her husband Shaw. It is a must visit place in Guanaja. An excellent food and Shawn’s smile and great entertained person!


Feature 1

Provisioning: Once you are settled in, your guide can take you to the grocery store for supplies. There are a couple of stores that are open on Sunday. All of the grocery stores accept US Dollars and Lempira. Cooks are available upon request for an additional charge.

 - Located in Sandy Bay close to Casa de Vista Caribe, Manatee's provides excellent German food, refreshing drinks and an amazing view.


Feature 2

Crazy Parrot - Located in the Sandy Bay Area. Menu includes seafood and local dishes.

Graham's Place - No trip to Guanaja is complete without a visit to Graham's. Graham Thompson has created a great beach bar/restaurant facility which makes you feel like you are in your very own Corona Beer commercial. Menu includes grouper, wahoo, chicken fingers, hamburger, steak, and calamari. Graham has a fenced in marine showcase which holds green sea turtles, lobsters, sting ray, shark and large groupers.


Feature 3

Third Round Cafe - Located on Bonacca, the special of the day will never dissapoint you. A full plate of food at reasonable prices. Selections include seafood, pork chops, chicken and other local specialties.

Mexi -Treat Mexican Restaurant - Delightful menu of local dishes with reasonable prices. Located on Bonacca.